A Flexible Meal

Quiche is one of those simple mysteries in life.  Is it breakfast?  Lunch?  Brunch?  Would you dare to serve it at dinner?  When is the perfect time for the savory pie?

There are two things I adore.  1.) Quiche.  The flaky crust holds in a fluffy egg mixture mixed with the most interesting flavor combinations you can imagine.  2.) Minis.  Individual sized things call to me, such as little bottles of my favorite alcohol. Go ahead, ask Tia.  If it comes in a smaller version, I must have it.  So why not combined the two?

Asparagus and Gruyere

This mini-quiche makes the perfect meal for any time.  It stands by itself for breakfast.  Add a side of fruit for a quick lunch or brunch.  Or serve with a delicious salad for a fancy parisian dinner.   These little individual tarts are the perfect size to impress and satisfy.


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