My dear friend is the mother of twins.  I’m exhausted just writing that sentence.  Round the clock feeding and diaper changes whittle away sanity.  To think she’s only three months in is down right unimaginable.  But she does it.  And loves it.

What I have discovered through her million pictures on Facebook is the fact these girls have no shortage of outfits.  A common theme for identical twins is to be the same, except slightly different.  When I saw the adorable picture on Sugarbelle’s website of baby cookies I had to try them out.  With the girls in mind I followed their wardrobe lead and made them both pretty in pink.  Only slightly different.


These would make cute gender announcement cookies.  Green and yellow hats could top their little heads before you bite them open to find out the sex.  Yes, I do find eating baby heads a little morbid.  Let’s remember people, these are cookies.  And cookies are made to be eaten.  Baby heads and all.

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