Which Came First?

The other day a poll taken among co-workers asked about their favorite cookie.  More than one (actually three) stated the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake cookie from Subway ranked as #1.  Yes, you read that right.  Subway.  The terrible sandwich store.  I assumed they were kidding.  They weren’t.

I wasn’t going cookie against cookie for fear of destroying my baking confidence.  To show my appreciation for their hard work, I created the cheesecake version of their favorite cookie. I used my favorite cheesecake recipe from the Joy of Baking with some slight variations, such as raspberries and white chocolate chips.  Here is the result:

raspberry cheesecake

They liked it.  Some even said they may have liked it more than the cookie.  A couple points scored for the confidence.  But then it left me bewildered.  Which came first?  The cookie or the cheesecake?

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