Easy Elegance

I have a sure-fire dessert anyone can do. It only takes a few minutes but brings an elegance to any table. It’s chocolate covered strawberries.

First, to make this easy, ditch the tempering chocolate part. You can use the inexpensive white bark from your local Walmart or add color with the chocolate wafers from Michaels. Make sure to wash and completely dry the strawberries before dipping or your chocolate will seize.  Melt chocolate in the microwave  at 30 seconds at a time, stirring at each interval.  Next dip.


After dipping, lay them on parchment.  This chocolate coating is made to set up and usually does in a couple minutes.  You could stop here, but they look a little boring.


To give it some extra flair, melt some colored chocolate wafers in a sandwich bag and cut off the corner.

Fancy, huh?
Fancy, huh?

Then drizzle across the strawberries in a quick back and forth motion.  As you can see, it doesn’t have to be pretty.  All the extras on the sides will break off after it sets.


And voila!  Easy peasy.  You have an elegant piece to add to any celebration.  I used it for one of four mini desserts for a work baby shower.  Not too bad for an office party, right?


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