Par for the Course

A couple blogs ago, my mother got a bad wrap. She might have been depicted as a junk-food buyin’, super-spoilin’, best-grandma-in-the-world type and I want to put that thought to rest. Oh, she is all those things (and we love her for it). But she is also the kind woman who lets my children visit for two weeks every summer, so I want to make sure she stays happy.

This year for Mother’s Day I struggled with what to get the woman who does have everything she wants. Easy. Cookies. I told her I’d be happy to make her any style for any up coming party because I know she loves to entertain. When she visited she confirmed she wanted a few fairway cookies for her planned golf lady luncheon.

As the day went on and we discussed different ideas, a few more cookies were added to the list. How about a golf bag?  What about the tee flags for a centerpiece?  Let me try something to make a golf ball.  Soon we had 12 holes, 14 golf bags, 19 flags, and two golf balls.


The most fun was having her there to watch through the steps and give her opinion along the way.  This set was a collaborative effort.  And I couldn’t have been happier to do it in my attempt to still try to make up for the teenage years she suffered through.

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