Thumbs Up for Delish

Thank you!

Last weekend we jumped into the business world with both feet and started a Delish page on Facebook.  Nothing is scarier than putting your creative self out there and ask people to “like” you.  When the first person hit they liked Delish, we were beyond excited.  As it started to grow, our confidence in having a great bakery started to grow with it.

Now we’ve hit 100 likes and we want to say thank you to everyone who supports us.  What better way than to have a little contest to give away some cookies?  The prize?  A spring inspired cookie bouquet and a $25 gift certificate to Delish.  Anyone in the US can enter.  All you have to do is leave an answer in the comment section below answering “What baked good can you not resist?”

Wait, you want more chances than just one?  Okay, since you asked.  You get another entry if you like Delish’s Facebook page. (If you already have, you need to leave a comment too and then you are entered twice.)  More?  Because you are so sweet, smart, and beautiful (did I mention how much we love your hair?) AND we appreciate you more than you know, we are going to give you infinite times to enter.  If you refer a friend to like us on Facebook and they leave a comment here, have them mention you.  If they win, you win too!  Yup!  Double the prizes.  Contest closes March 26th at 6:00pm PST and the winner will be announced soon after.

We can’t thank you enough for your support.  Feel free to drop us a comment on FB or shoot us a note here.  We love hearing from you.  There will be more contests, more baked goods, and more oven lovin’ coming your way.

10 Comments on “Thumbs Up for Delish”

    • Thanks for commenting! Uh…if you’re fat, then you’re one of those lucky people where your body puts it in all the right places. 😉

  1. We cannot resist your cinnamon rolls. The maple frosting was genius. Loved it! Cara was the only one that preferred the cream cheese frosting. But dont get me wrong: They are both great. Yum!

  2. “What baked good can you not resist?”

    I have been lucky enough to have an amazing friend and the ultimate baker who made me a perfect drum set made of cookies! OMG they were amazing! This amazing friend/baker also made me Anna’s Viola in cookies form as well as TATE Guitar Picks cookies. Anything and everything that Susan has made that I have been lucky enough to taste is amazing! One of these days I’m going to get to taste one of her beautiful cakes 🙂

    Jen 🙂

    PS. I wish you all the best with your new site and company. I will be sharing Delish with everyone 🙂

    • Thank you Jen! We really appreciate your support and of course the fantastic compliments. You’re giving us some great shout outs!

  3. Love, love, love sugar cookies! I love them from great bakeries, but especially love them because they remind me of growing up making them every year at Christmas time with my grams. I now have started the tradition with my boys. I have the distinct feeling yours are probably awesome, would love to enjoy some!

    All my best,

    • Thank you Yvonne for sharing such a great story. That’s what baking is all about. I really appreciate your support because I know you have a great eye for art. You always have.

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