Hoo Will Be My Valentine?

owl valentine

I made these for my daughter’s 2nd grade class for Valentine’s Day.  Owls are the obvious choice because it’s her school mascot.  They are also a forgiving animal in the design department.  If you want to make them, you can do it with these easy steps.

I used the tulip cookie cutter and cut off the middle pedal and the stem.  Start with piping the outline and then flood.

owl outline

For the feathers on the chest, I brought the heart motif.  It’s really not that hard to do.  You drop a dot of icing and then pull a clean toothpick through it.  Clean the toothpick each time or it will drag the other color into the area you don’t want.  Also, work one at a time before the icing sets up.


After it has dried, pipe on the wings and ears.


Next comes the eyes, beak, and feet.  I must have been a little tired because I forgot to take any more photos.  The end result is still the same, a pretty cute owl.  Cross your fingers my daughter’s teacher lets us bring non-store bought goodies or I will have thirty owls looking for a home.


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