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So Many Hearts

I love seeing all the heart variations on Pinterest.  I couldn’t pick just one.  I like the mismatch of the different styles.  And who doesn’t love a burst of orange to break up the pink? Which one is your favorite?

Hoo Will Be My Valentine?

I made these for my daughter’s 2nd grade class for Valentine’s Day.  Owls are the obvious choice because it’s her school mascot.  They are also a forgiving animal in the design department.  If you want to make them, you can do it with these easy steps. I used the tulip cookie cutter and cut off the …

Candy Heart Cookies

Valentine’s Day is coming and that means candy.  Or does it?  Who doesn’t love reading the messages on the candy hearts?  It’s so much fun to find the one that applies to your love life and share it with that someone special.  The only down side is taste.  You gotta be crazy to eat them …