Bomb Bites

Maybe the Irish Car Bomb mini-cake was too much for you.  You might be one of those lucky people who only need a single bite to feel satisfied.  If so, I have the perfect solution for you.  Cake pops without the stick.

It’s the same process for any other cake pop.  Mix the Bailey’s frosting with the Guinness cake to get it to a moist enough consistency to roll into a ball and it will hold it’s shape.  Chill the cake for a couple hours.  When you return, melt some chocolate chips in a bowl.  Instead of worrying about the stick, roll the ball around in the chocolate and place it on parchment paper for the truffle effect.

I wanted the same Bomb flavors so I added some of the whiskey to the melted chocolate.  Warning: the chocolate seizes!  I could’ve taken a picture at this point but I freaked out instead.  (We all have those moments.)  Don’t panic.  You can bring it back with butter or cream.  Keep stirring over heat and add small amounts of butter or cream until it comes back to smooth.  It takes on more of a ganache covering instead of a hard candy shell, but it works.  Sprinkle on some irish colored sprinkles and you’re ready to drop a bite-sized bomb.

Bomb Bites

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