Royal Iced Cookies

Kinda Corny

I don’t think I’m alone in my assessment that candy corn is one of the worst candies ever made.  It shouldn’t even be called candy.  When I opened my trick or treat bag I searched for chocolate, not the tri-colored waxy triangle called candy corn.

I do like its simple shape, colors and the way it screams Halloween.  In honor of the candy no one really wants to eat (and yes, I know there are some of you who are screaming about how much you love it), I made a treat which you might want to gorge on until you’re sick.


Royal Iced Cookies

Celebrating in One Direction

If there was a chance I could eat my favorite singer when I turned ten, there would’ve been Julian Lennon cookies all over the place.  Instead, I settled for his poster in my room and my monthly letter from the fan club.

When the very nice woman who watches my children said it was her granddaughter’s birthday and they were celebrating with a One Direction theme, I knew exactly what to do.

Sugarbelle did a wonderful tutorial on how to make these simple One Direction cookies.  I was excited to have the chance even though I have no idea what names goes with each face.  The only one I know is Harry and that’s because my 8 year old daughter kept saying it was a funny name for him because he has so much hair.

I chose to cut the cookies in a heart shape to allow each party goer the chance to pick their future love destiny.  In seventh grade, my girlfriends and I would pour a bag of M&Ms into a bowl and name each color for a boy.  We then rummage our fingers through it to pull one out at a time.  At the end, the person with the most of one color was destined to marry the boy.  It’s very scientific.  It’s how I met Hubs. (Just kidding.)

one direction

I think this way is much more sanitary.,  And delicious.  It also allows a special birthday girl to celebrate with the whole band.

Royal Iced Cookies

Fall Leaves

I love when the leaves change colors.  The crimson red, golden yellow, and rich brown are such a contrast to the green worn for the last six months.  I thought the best way to celebrate the change in the weather was to make some easy leaves of my own.

Since I’m not an artist, I decided a realistic version would take a lot of time I didn’t want to spend.  I went for more of an abstract feel.  Here’s how you do it.

First cut out leaf shaped cookies and flood with your color choice.  I went for colors I had left over from another cookie set.  Remember, this is supposed to be easy.


Before it sets, pipe a contrasting color like the leaf’s veins.


And then another.


Then take a toothpick and slide it through the colors.  Don’t mix too much or you’ll lose the effect.


You can run the tooth pick through any way you want for different looks.  Make sure to wipe off one color before starting in another if you want a clean look.  If you’re going for what I have above, it doesn’t really matter.

Mix together some different looks and in the end you have a nice plate to welcome the new season.



Royal Iced Cookies

Simplified Guppies

Last week I showed the Bubble Guppies cake I created for a one year old’s birthday.  When I created the cake, there was a little voice in the back of my head whispering “You’re making this too hard.”  My guess is the voice stems from all the Sugarbelle tutorials I’ve poured over for the last couple years.

Sugarbelle has great talent in taking a difficult piece and simplifying the look.  I’ve even replicated her Spiderman, which I easily adapted to add a Venom.  I decided to try it on the Bubble Guppies.  Below is the original with the sideways glances and full bodies.  This took many hours with painstaking detail.


And here’s the simplified version with only their faces:

easy guppies

I finished the whole simplified set in about 30 minutes.  No pictures or Kopykake needed.  Only the icing and me.  Then I realized I kinda liked them more.  Their cute faces with big eyes was endearing.  They would’ve made a great addition to the large blue cake.

The moral to this story is sometimes simpler is better.  I hope this inspires you to simplify different things in your life to prove you can still get awesome results with less worry.

Cakes, Royal Iced Cookies

The Bubble Guppies

Since my children have grown out of the toddler television, The Bubble Guppies were strangers to me until a client requested them for a cake.  I had to research how these half-fish and half-people with a catchy theme song had caught the attention of everyone under the age of five.

Lucky for me, there were many pictures for me to work with.  I decided to capture all the characters for the cake.  The funny part is I forgot to include the curly blonde in the picture.  (Long week, sorry.)


This is what they looked like on the cake:


Later, I will show you an easier version to these cookie characters.

Royal Iced Cookies

Good Vs. Evil

Inspired by my cookie hero Sugarbelle’s tutorial about how to make cool simple Spiderman cookie, I decided to take it one step further.  Who doesn’t love a good villain?

Applying the same techniques and switching up colors will produce a couple pretty good comic book characters.


Royal Iced Cookies

Back to School

We just finished the first week of school and everything seems to be going well.  The kids walked to school without complaining.  They also like their new teachers.  Dare I say they’re even excited about them?  And most importantly I made responsible lunches all week long.  (This surely will not last long.)  These are the great successes in my week.

To celebrate this time of year, I thought the traditional apple seemed appropriate.  They’re a pretty simple design with minimal colors.  Something fun to do when you’re running around trying to work in a new schedule.  The twist?  The little mischievous hint with a couple bites missing might be more the feels around what this year will probably bring.

Good luck you this school year.


Royal Iced Cookies

Said With Flowers

Getting flowers is one of those simple pleasures in life.  Well, it’s really not that simple because they are usually pretty expensive, difficult to maintain, and die relatively quick.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could send the love without the hassle?

New neighbors recently moved in and Hubs was quick to get over to introduce himself.  I’m not quite sure what happened in those ten minutes or if Hubs will be trusted on his own again.  What I do know is he came back to inform he’d promised the neighbor some cookies.

“I told him you have an in-home bakery,” he said.  “I thought it would be good for business.”  Even though I wasn’t excited at first, I warmed up to the idea of giving something to new people to let them know they are welcomed.

welcome flower

I made a larger set for an AmericanWest bank branch who stopped a thief from cashing a large check on my mother-in-law’s account.  It happened to fall on the same day she passed away.  Can you imagine the terrible mess they saved us by that teller having the courage to say no to a person trying to cash a check?  They were very helpful during a tough time for our family and a flowered thank you seemed only fitting.

thank you flowers

For either occasion, flowers were the perfect way to let someone know we appreciate them.  The fact they could eat them to was icing on the cookie.

Royal Iced Cookies

Eileen Cook-ie Books

Before baking, I had another love in my life.  Writing.  In the last four years I’ve dedicated myself in my journey to become a published author.  A step in that direction has me reading lots of Young Adult books and tireless learning the craft to become a better writer.  This weekend at a writer’s conference, all my worlds collided when I met Eileen Cook.  Yes, freakin’ Eileen Cook!  Not only meet, but talk.  Well, maybe more like red faced-blabbing, but in my memory I will turn it into well thought-out conversation.  Anywho, she was nice, funny, and gave me some great feedback on the writing.

So I gave her a set of cookies.  I’ve been dying to show to everyone.  And she liked them.  She really, really liked okay.  (Yes, I know that’s cliché.  Did you not read the part about the red-faced blabbing?)  So here they are for you.

eileen cook

To see the breakdown, here they are up close and next to their inspiration.

almost truthused to beEducation of Hailey

unraveling isobel

What Would Emma Dorevenge lauren

I must also tell you if you ever have the chance to listen to her speak, you better jump right on it.  She was terrific!  She packed every chair in one class (I haven’t seen anyone do that before).  She was also very sweet in answering my fangirling tweets all weekend.  We even had lunch together.  It was fabulous.

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite book cookie?

Photo: Eileen Cook and me. I'm fangirling all over the place. She loves the cookies. Will be on blog soon.